Betti-Sue Hertz

Almost Wallpaper

screen print
edition: 27
image: 30"h X 22"w
Rives BFK
enlarge print


Betti-Sue Hertz was painting when she created this elegant print of drawn organic forms. According to one of her recent texts concerning the future of art:

“Morphing, continual flow, constant flux and predetermined contingencies, all suggest an edginess of materiality, especially as it has been received historically as a central demand of art. The unfixed-ness of things is not only another inscription of molecular energetic activity but a trajectory that can only suggest the undiscovered in art and in its technology of being.”

Betti-Sue Hertz is currently the curator of contemporary art at the San Diego Museum of Art where she has advanced recent exhibitions titled Axis Mexico: Common Objects and Cosmopolitan Actions, The Magician and the Mechanic: Tamarind Lithography Workshop, the Early Years, and The Past in Reverse: Contemporary Art of East Asia.