Andrea Callard

Warm Perch/ Mad Times

edition: 28
image: 20"h X 25"w
2 colors on Rives BFK
enlarge print


The birds in Warm Perch/ Mad Times take various positions in a chaotic era. A fond art school memory of conte crayon and charcoal determined the coloration of this print. Also, Pus Factory, Callard’s angry early computer animation piece had been censored from an exciting public venue.

Warm Perch/ Mad Times was printed by Barbara Tisserat and published by the Anderson Gallery at Virginia Commonwealth University where Callard was a visiting artist.This re-acquaintance with printmaking led to founding Avocet.

Andrea Callard’s interdisciplinary cultural practice moves through fine art, communication media, education, and other areas of inquiry. Callard founded and directed Avocet in collaboration with Jolie Stahl. She received an Individual Artist Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Callard was an early leader and documentarian in the artists group COLAB. The Museum of the Chinese in America, the New Museum, the Whitney Museum, the New York Foundation for the Arts and many others have published or presented her work.