Noah Baen

Galilee Pond with Joe Pye

screen print
edition: 30, 7 AP, 2 HC
image: 22"h X 30"w
Rives BFK, gray
enlarge print


This wildly colored print by Noah Baen depicts upstream pollution at the intersection of natural beauty and human mismanagement. The Joe-Pye (Eupatoreum purpureum) is a beautiful flowering nectar source named after a native american doctor who used it medicinally in colonial Massachesetts.

Noah Baen is an esteemed artist and naturalist. His work integrates environmental education, natural and social history with the visual arts. He has created collaborative public and site-specific projects, such as indoor and outdoor murals, school gardens and a restored wetland and coal mine. Noah Baen’s work is in the Smith College Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among others. It is also visible in the 59th Street subway concourse in New York City. He received the Mayor's Very Special Arts Award and the Hero Award for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. He is the Leader of the Family Art Project at Wave Hill, a public garden in the Bronx. He has been on the staff of The Touchstone Center since 1993.