Jolie Stahl

Olive Winter

screen print
edition: 30, 4 AP
image: 33"h X 19"w
6 colorson paper Unryu, 36" X 24"


In the mid 1980's, Jolie Stahl visited many old cemeteries and collected rubbings from early American grave stones. She used these images and names in her screenprinting, producing a group of textiles in addition to work on paper. Olive Winter features a portrait of the beautiful Bebe Smith who died in 1988. The man looking over her shoulder is the Austrian expressionist artist Egon Shiele.

In 1985, Jolie collaborated with Andrea Callard to found Avocet. In 1986, she directed her activism and art practice to anthropological photography. Her pictures appear in Black Pilgrimage to Islam by Robert Dannin and other publications. Stahl was active in COLAB and has made cultural contributions as a curator and a watercolorist. She is represented by Lori Bookstein Fine Art in New York City.